Seeds Of Knowledge // Opportunities

Opportunities will always come by looking for you, but if you’re not prepared, you won’t be receptive to their calling. 

Everyone has a purpose or a reason, but we wallow away in self-doubt and the feeling of uselessness. Thus, resulting in us missing our opportunities.

We all have a stage set for us; not a literal stage necessarily, but a gap we must fill, a purpose we must accomplish with the innate substance we individually carry within us. 

Many of us have buried our gifts and capabilities because we often feel they’re of no use, and we feel as though our flame has been watered down by others’ progress, achievements, and success. But focus only on nurturing your gifts and talents, which are often the things that come most naturally to you and/or you have a burning passion for.

I know of a ventriloquist making millions. and I also know people with voices that’ll make your spine tremble with shivers, but who are making nothing. So, it is not a matter of what gift you carry and how useful or profitable you think it will be to others – it’s simply what you do with that gift. 
Do not let anyone down-talk you or you talent(s). 

Some people are born to fill out an auditorium of 1 million people, some are meant to influence maybe 5 people will a nice piece of poetry. Either way, as long as you are giving voice to what you carry inside of you, then no one can tell you anything about self-establishment.

Everyday is an opportunity to grasp knowledge in the air, to discover what’s within, and to fine-tune the beautiful melody which we have inside of us. Everything you need is already inside of you, there’s knowledge in the world to help you sharpen it, that’s all.

Prepare yourself, and an opportunity for you to fill a gap or provide a need through your gift will approach you at the right and most perfect time. But if you are not prepared, if you do not hone the talents and skills which God has bestowed upon you, then you will cease to capture the opportunity which could result in you reaching your destiny. 

A wise man once taught me: “Success = when preparation meets opportunity.”

‘You talents will make room for you before kings’ means the gifts you have, if pushed to their maximum potential, shall open doors for you to use and showcase those talents before great people who will praise you and pay you to do what you do best.

So today, let’s take the time to focus on what our gifts and talents are. Let us discover the full depth and beauty of the potential within us. And let us perfect our skills and wait eagerly and consciously upon an opportunity which will open doors for us to fill a gap which cries out for our talent.