Ramblings (Nothing New Under The Sun)

“[…] There is nothing new under the sun.”

Although I’ve taken the quote vastly out of context, it still holds relevance in this specific area (and many, many other conditions).

Sometimes I feel that way.
That nothing is new, nothing surprises or excites me.
And as a result, the days are fleeting and the
gears of time shift on perpetually and mundanely.
I barely realise the days go by.

The sun rises, and gives way
to the moon before I’ve had time to digest the dawn of a new day.
The days don’t even feel new sometimes, it feels as though I’m
watching the same morning, looping over and over again
as reality turns more and more grey and drab as each passing
day trails on.

Time glides nonchalantly through me, and I through time.
A lot of the time I’m not soaking in the days, I barely feel at times.
Pages turn with no real sense of understanding of the stanzas and episodes of life.

On and on… Nothing new is under the sun.


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