Tenacious Memory

I saw you the other day. I’ll be honest, I was taken aback by that whole moment in time. You looked me right in the eyes and smiled. I noticed how those exquisite eyes of yours retained their alluring glimmer even after all these months. The very same eyes which made me fall for you the second I peered into them. They really are magic. And your smile, delicate and graceful, still seizes the power to make my heart gallop and my stomach to writhe with elation.

You walked passed me, looking as beautiful as ever, and smiled. How I long to clasp you within my embrace once more. How I desire to feel your slender arms slung around my neck as we stand beneath that streetlight, with no words between us, just a sublime silence. How I yearn to make that radiant smile bloom across your beautiful face and to stare endlessly into the superb greyish-blue horizon in your eyes.

That moment when I caught a glimpse of your eyes and smile will more than likely stay etched in my brain for the next few weeks, possibly months. To you, it was probably a short-lived happening which won’t amble back into your mind again as a tenacious memory.

Sometimes I don’t know whether I try to brush feelings off too quickly because I’m looking for something “real”, or if I ponder and dissect every feeling I get because I want to translate it to art and assure myself that I am a genuine breathing, feeling human being.

It’s like sometimes I’m afraid that I may never feel again, but then at times, I’m too careful to not feel ‘too easily’.

Whatever the matter is, whether or not I’m reacting too much to that glance I caught of you, I still wrote about it, knowing full well you won’t read it. But I wrote regardless, with some bleak hope that you’ll someday find it and read it.

And what would happen after you read it? Well, most likely nothing. It’d probably be too late by then. It has been for a very long time.


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